Emotional Wellbeing, Resilience and Joy

"The mind and body, at peace with itself,

is more precious then the rarest gem"

Tsong Khapa

What would it mean to you to be happy, healthy and resilient, fully able to cope with life’s ups and downs?

Your personal health & wellbeingWhat is going on in your life right now? Do you have a niggling health issue that you just can’t get rid of, or are you managing something more serious or debilitating? Are you experiencing a situation that is draining you emotionally and you wish that you could feel more peace and well-being? Do you have unhelpful patterns of thinking that get in the way of your happiness or prevent you from reaching your goals? 

I work with clients to facilitate lasting change to address physical or emotional health issues. I support clients with a diverse range of health issues – anything from emotional upset to cancer. I also run regular stress management clinics and regular back clinics.

I coach clients one-on-one, looking at their personal and professional situation, to:

  • Effectively reduce stress, anxiety and emotional distress
  • Release the emotional and energetic blocks that hold us back
  • Release negative patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • Enable peak performance in business, sport and everyday life and to reach goals more quickly
  • Facilitate clear thinking and increase happiness

It is only our thinking that tells us that we are less than we truly are. When we stop listening to that, we automatically access the health and well being that is always there.

As a Biodynamic CranioSacral therapist, I work with your body’s innate health and wisdom to release the patterns that are being held, reducing pain and physical tension, to return the whole body back to balance and health. Your body is amazing and the health is always there, beneath the symptoms.

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Client Feedback

“I first contacted Julia in a complete state of numbness, not knowing how to get out of the place I found myself.  I knew that I didn’t want to take medication except as a last resort. I am so glad that I did pick up the phone and make that scary leap into the unknown.  The sessions have been an absolute lifesaver and now I know how to respond when things start to seem bleak.”


“It is Julia’s constant positivity and strong belief in her products and practices that got me interested. I’ve had a few health issues recently, and like most of us, took on board having to have surgery and a treatment plan, trying to make a speedy recovery to make sure my family were looked after, but leaving my feelings stowed away in a little box somewhere in my emotion bank. I like to think that I look after myself, always looking for a quick, easy fix to make myself feel better but this always left me feeling as though my life was going round in circles again within minutes. Nothing has made me feel so calm and focused until I took up Julia’s offer for treatment. I felt immediate emotional well-being as I started to release a gentle wave of emotions within me. Finally it felt OK to let them all out from their tightly closed box”