Essence Therapy

Flowers always make people better,

food and medicine for the mind and soul

Luther Burbank

and more helpful; they are sunshine,


What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower Essence Therapy | Freedom in Health, BuckinghamshireThe healing power of nature is as old as life and undeniable. Flowers and plants uplift us. We love to smell them, their colours and forms are inviting and the splendour of nature both awes and comforts us.

On a physical level, plants sustain life and have been used medicinally for thousands of years. At a vibrational level, we are able to take on the harmonious patterns of plants, flowers and gems for our emotional well-being.

Flower essences and other vibrational medicines, such as gem or environmental essences, work on you holistically. Working with a Freedom in Health practitioner, you go behind the presenting symptoms to uncover the emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance that is the cause, or major factor, of the issue or situation you find yourself in.

Essences work to restore these imbalances, and in doing so they can repair trauma, change obsolete behaviour patterns, balance energy and moods on all levels, and connect us to our intuitive wisdom, our inner resources, our loved ones and the natural world.

Many people are surprised at the powerful effect that flower essences can have.

As an Advanced Practitioner, accredited through the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA), I have been trained to work with many different essence ranges, such as the well-known Bach Remedies and Australian Bush Essences, to smaller and more specialist ranges from around the world. This diversity helps me to select just the right essence(s) for your current situation.

All essences have the capacity to offer us something unique and transformational on our healing journeys.

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Client Feedback

“The personalised essences Julia has prescribed have helped me enormously on my personal journey over the past 6 months. Julia really listens and probes as to how I’m feeling and how life is affecting me during the personal consultation we have every few weeks. The concise summary she provides and choice of essences has been spot on every time. She picks up on the smallest detail to really understand how she and the essence blends can make a difference. The support provided by both Julia and the essences have taken me from a downtrodden, low self-esteem, grief stricken state, to feeling confident, determined and wanting to live life to the full. I cannot thank Julia enough for her support and understanding and look forward to continuing my journey with her and the essences.”
– A Thompson