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Mother Tree essences are made from old, wise and ancient trees and other plant species who share their wisdom and energy signatures to aid our emotional well being and enable change in the world. Plant essences re-connect us with nature and our innate health and well being.



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Client Feedback

Barclays Bank plc

“Very enjoyable and great how the content can be utilised in all walks of life – personal, work, leisure.”

“A fantastic course with very simple activities to participate in and an understanding of emotions and situations through a medical expert works extremely well. More time on coherent emotions would benefit.”

“Really useful to link the toolbox of activities/approaches to building my resilience. Looking forward to putting this into practice.”

“Worthwhile investment of time. I will review the content with Regional Director with a view to perhaps running sessions for the wider team. Colleagues I’m sure would benefit. Thank you for your hard work today.”

Oracle Corporation

“Thank you for your participation on our Mental Health Awareness programme. The feedback about you was overwhelmingly positive and the training went down extremely well.”

HSBC Bank plc

“Great training. Understanding our physiological response to stress makes a lot of sense. I really enjoyed the exercise to bring in a real heart-felt emotion. I would like to extend the training to the whole function.”

Outlet Property Group

“The training will really help to reduce stress so that the team can think and perform at their best and reach their sales targets, especially during this period of expansion.”