Child, adolescent

and parent support

“While we try to teach our children all about life,

our children teach us what life is all about.”

Angela Schwindt

Complementary health treatment for ADHD type children and support for parents

Child, Adolescent & Parent Support | Freedom in Health

How much easier would family life be, if your child was happier, calmer and more relaxed? I work with children who may have difficulties managing their behaviour and emotions and, just as importantly, in supporting their parents. I have first hand experience of parenting an ADHD child and I do not believe that you can truly understand the challenges faced as a parent in this situation, unless you have experienced it for yourself.

Children with behavioural issues may have had difficult births or early childhood trauma. Sometimes the cause stems from environmental factors where dietary or parenting changes are required, or heredity and brain function imbalance can play a part. Some children are simply pushing back at the world they see.

Often, these children lack the ability to be able to control their reactions or focus their attention without help. They may want to change how they feel or respond, but may not know how. I believe children are all fundamentally good and their amazing brains and alternative ways of thinking need to be nurtured.

Working together

I offer holistic, complementary treatment and advice, to help children with a range of symptoms, such as anger, defiance, restlessness, lack of focus and concentration, anxiety and low self-esteem. I offer a range of complementary therapies that are designed to act on the cause of their issues, rather than mask the symptoms.

For parents, I offer therapeutic treatment and emotional support, together with a safe space to discuss the challenges you are facing, with a shared understanding of how difficult the situation can feel and how the stress can spill over into other areas of your home/work/personal life. I offer regular group sessions for parents dealing with similar issues to get together.

The tools and therapies help you to release the effects physically and emotionally, to enable you to react as best as you can in the moment.

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Client Feedback

“The sessions have definitely changed the quality of life for my son. Because he had not made many new friends since coming to England and was feeling isolated, plus he had had a hard time in his previous school – he had typical depression symptoms. He lost weight, had no appetite, was so sad all the time, couldn’t see any positives and was having trouble learning at school. He cried often and couldn’t progress in anything. I didn’t know what to do – my help was without any effect. I tried changing his diet, giving him anti-stress tablets, giving him more time and attention, we had long discussions, went for walks etc. None of it seemed to help.

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Then Julia worked with us and now I have another son at home. He starts his day singing, always smiling, thinking positively. His life at school has changed too. Before the treatment, he wasn’t able to get a better test score than a D, even though he spent lots of time studying. After his first meeting with Julia he got his first A, and now he only gets A! His view of the future is good and his self-confidence has grown. I don’t hear from him now “I can’t, I’m not able, I won’t achieve anything …” Last Saturday he won a Silver medal in a Cross-Country competition for the first time as an individual. His trainer told me that he has made huge progress and has changed himself very much.

In my opinion, a great impact on the quality and effectiveness of the treatment used by Julia is her personality and commitment. I am very impressed with what she has done for us and most of all how radically her help changed the life of my son.”
A Sliwinska